V2 Staking is Live — How to Migrate to V2 Staking

KickPad’s new IDO Staking system is live. We will keep this article short, sweet, and to the point:

Please migrate all your stakes to the V2 Pool. V1 stakers will not be eligible for IDO participation.


  • Please ONLY stake in the V2 pools moving forward
  • EXISTING STAKES: Please unstake your tokens from the V1 Pool and move them to the V2 Pool
  • New V2 stakes have a minimum requirement of staking 2,500 tokens at a time. (example: You cannot add less than 2,500 KPAD tokens at a time)
  • No decimals allowed in stakes(example: 2500.1 is not okay, 2500 is okay)
  • All V2 stakes will be locked for 7 days (this will be updated on website frontend)

Step-By-Step How to Change from V1 to V2

Step 1: Go to the “Staking” page.

Step 2: Withdraw your V1 stake tokens.

Step 3: Click “Switch to Pool v2” Button (note, you may need to refresh page)

Step 3: Stake your tokens in the V2 Pool. (Confirm you are in the “Pool v2”).

V1 / V2 Staking Pools on the Website

There is a simple button that allows you to switch between V1 and V2 staking.

Please migrate all your stakes to the new V2 staking. V1 staking will not be eligible for IDO participation.

Other Staking Update Details

Staking Rounds have new names and new details. More allocation has been given to the KickPad staker round. The minimum KickPad required to participate has also been increased.

Gold Round (90% of sale):

  • 90% of tokens sold here
  • Minimum staking requirement to join: 2500 KPAD
  • The more KPAD you stake, the higher your allocation
  • Allocation is calculated: (Your KPAD staked) vs (Total KPAD staked) as a percentage
  • i.e. if 100 total KPAD is staked in the pool, and you have staked 10 KPAD, you get 10% of the allocation

Silver Round (10% of sale):

  • 10% of tokens sold here
  • This is for winners of the whitelist rounds
  • NOTE: You cannot participate in Silver round if you participate in Gold round with the same wallet. When applying for whitelist events, make sure to use a different wallet address than your Gold round address

General Staking Updates — Important:

  • The new requirement is for 2500 minimum stake for IDOs
  • All new stakes will be locked for 7 days.
  • You will need to un-stake your tokens in the v1 staking contract and add to the new v2 staking contract
  • v1 stakers will not be eligible for IDO participation
  • Make sure to use a different whitelist wallet address when completing whitelist forms. The same wallet can not participate in both Gold and Silver rounds. If you use a wallet to participate in Gold round, that same wallet can not participate in Silver round.

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