STRATEGIC ADVISOR: KickPad x Founder of EXNT Capital — Eric Clark Su

KickPad is thrilled to welcome the founder and CEO of EXNT Capital, Eric Clark Su as a strategic advisor.

Eric possesses a unique skillset of rapidly building up development teams from scratch, three already successfully built. He is tackling high uncertainty projects and initiatives with outstanding results and designing user-focused products while balancing business needs.

He has built up three teams for his ventures and two development teams as Global In-house Centers for a company in Australia and Singapore in his career. From his various creative and leadership roles navigating the academe, game development, social networking, and the blockchain space, Eric offers a particular vantage point that is invaluable to KickPad.

KickPad has been in the works for some time. Still, as it can be regarded as a newly started project, Eric’s deep insights and experience in building up development teams and projects from scratch will be all-important to us.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Eric.

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