KickPad x StartFi — IDO Announcement

Kickpad is proud to announce an IDO with StartFi for an upcoming IDO. The IDO will be on May 31 at 2pm UTC.

StartFi is founded by a team with a wide array of experiences in government services, e-commerce, digital content, marketing, front-end/back-end web-based technologies and blockchain projects.

What is StartFi?

StartFi is a Web3 based Multi Channel Network for NFT Creators. Creators can Mint NFTs through StartFi Network to create unique digital assets (videos, series of blogs, digital art, music, albums, etc.), empower communities, and share rewards. Fans, in turn, can support NFT creators through raising funds, upvote designs, promote the artist, hold or participate in fan conventions, and other creative activities. In exchange, fans will receive rewards, and exclusive digital assets as associated token holders.

StartFi will support the NFT ecosystem with the initial NFT offering, digital rights management, monetization/sales, audience matching, production, cross-promotion, partner management, rewards distribution, etc. Advanced options include time locks, private pools, milestone unlocks, DAO options, & cross-chain swapping.

There will be a new way the users scan their metamask wallet, to get a first impression on their specific interest of NFTs. And then setting attributes from the user to tie it with their metamask wallet. Creators will use tags to identify their profiles to attract matching fans. Up to 20% STFI will be allocated to the ecosystem contributors as rewards.

What is $STFI?

$STFI is the token to fuel the platform.


Token holders will gain rewards from pools distribution and NFT transaction Fees.

Transactions & Fees
All platform fees and transactions will solely utilize the $STFI token.


Fans who hold $STFI token will be able to participate in voting for new proposals, add new features, and supporting creators on the platform.


Several types of staking pools as per tiers will be available in the future.

StartFi Competitive Advantages

Governance Protocol

Token holders will be able to participate in the various aspects of governance of the project.

Initial NFT Offering

Creators will be able to raise funds by selling NFTs for their products.


One Platform compatible with various existing blockchains as well as the capability of incorporating future blockchains as well.

Trusted Pools

Trusted NFT Listing with KYC and whitelist integration.

Fully Decentralized

An automated market maker (AMM) + NFT DEX built on Ethereum.

Private Auctions

Creators/Influencers will be able to create private campaigns with specific links (no public listing) to protect their privacy.

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