KickPad x Polylastic Whitelist Update — Airdrops For All

Thank you for the huge support in the Polylastic Whitelist Event. Over 165,000 individuals participated, generating over 3.35 million entries. This is testament to the power of our community, and the power of our collective vision.

The Polylastic team have reconsidered that having “only” 100 winners of this round, after so much interest, would not be truly the best course of action. They want to give back to the community.

They will instead be airdropping 250,000,000 tokens, distributed to everyone who participated in the whitelist process. This airdrop will take place over the next 4 days.

This means that there will be no whitelist IDO round, but instead, all participants in the Whitelist will be airdropped the 250,000,000 tokens. Yes, this means everyone. Not just “winners”.

Polylastic’s core competency is that of a synthetic asset aggregator that utilizes community support through direct staking in determining the assets that comprise the index. Though the airdrop will be modest to the individual, we hope that the gesture conveys our appreciation and signals the start of something significant.

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