KickPad x Polylastic — IDO Announcement

KickPad is proud to announce that Polylastic will be joining us for an IDO. With a strong and experienced team, advisors, and partners, Polylastic takes a novel approach to community weighted index staking, tiered taxation, and more.

IDO Date will be announced shortly.

What is Polylastic All About?

Our concept of money is being redefined before our eyes, and DeFi is leading the way. With new systems designed around seigniorage, rebasing, cash systems, fractional reserves and algorithms launching daily, it becomes impossible to keep up, and worse, gain appropriate exposure to the never-ending litany of new projects. The curated Polylastic rolling indices and token will track the growth and adoption of this truly important space, while allowing any interested party to benefit alongside it.

Much like the S&P 500 affords average investors a “set it and forget” approach, the POLX token represents our confidence in the industry and its continued growth.

The Polylastic Index Structure

The Polylastic (POLX) Index is designed to track token performance within the ever-evolving Elastic Finance industry (EFi). Our index will include elastic cryptocurrencies, seigniorage tokens, algorithmic stablecoins, cash systems and whatever comes next, including DeFi projects that can benefit from algorithmic, futuristic money. The index is weighted based on the value of community support measured by the number of stakers, as well as the market cap of the token.

This novel mechanism allows us to capture both technical innovation and community strength. Like traditional indices, Polylastic will track projects with significant usage and demand as well as those that show a vibrant community and commitment to ongoing development.

Index Staking

Polylastic features a two-tier staking model to reward participation in our index. Stakers can delegate their stake to any project in the index, signaling their support and increasing its weight. Through this design, POLX captures innovation, community sentiment and the pulse of the elastic finance space.

  • POLX — Direct sync staking through our proxy and manager contract architecture.
  • POLX LP Tokens — Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens and will be rewarded appropriately for their contributions to index health.

The Tech

Polylastic features a number of industry firsts, including a community weighted index controlled by both token and LP holders, as well as an EFi-specific growth portfolio.

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