KickPad x NFT Alley — Whitelist is Live

The KickPad x NFT Alley whitelist event is live!

⬇⬇⬇ The link for the whitelist is here: ⬇⬇⬇

Details of Event

  • IDO Date is April 30 at 2pm UTC, with 100k total available (90k in Gold Round, 10k in whitelist round).
  • Whitelist Winners will be selected 24 hours prior to sale.
  • Whitelist winners get a $100 allocation.
  • Users will have multiple submissions by doing various actions.
  • A person cannot win multiple times. But you can maximize your chance of winning by completing multiple actions.
  • Make sure to use a different wallet than the one you used for staking. The same wallet address can NOT participate in both the Gold and Silver rounds.
  • TWITTER ISSUES: Please make sure your Twitter account has a profile picture. Otherwise it will be detected as spam and cannot complete actions.

Winner Selection and IDO Details

  • The IDO will take place on April 30 at 2pm UTC. Whitelist winners will participate in the Silver Round on the KickPad website.
  • 100 winners total from campaign
  • 10 reserved for community contribution event (contributing memes, videos, and other content will make you eligible for these 25 spots)
  • Allocation per person for whitelist winners will be $100 (in BNB)

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