KickPad x Formation.Fi — a Community Airdrop Program (CAP) Event!

We are happy to announce that Formation.Fi will be joining us for a CAP event.

KickPad stakers, KickPad holders, whitelist participants, and community contribution event winners will all be eligible to receive the token airdrop. Read more about Formation.Fi below.

CAP Event Airdrop Date: June 18, 2pm UTC
Snapshots Taken: 24 hours before CAP event
Read Details about the CAP system here.

What is FormationFi?

The Risk Parity Protocol from Formation Fi is a cross-chain decentralized asset management system designed to bring maturity and stability to DeFi by allowing users to quickly create highly diversified portfolios tailored to individual risk preferences.

A set of tokenized, algorithmically rebasing indexes provide an open and democratized approach to constructing a risk-adjusted portfolio of crypto assets. Users hold a bespoke combination of index tokens which represent different assets across multiple chains, reducing risk and saving both time and money.

Compared to naive DeFi strategies focused on maximizing APY, the Risk Parity Protocol can produce the same or better yield with less overall risk. The entire protocol is overseen by the $FORM token, a triple-utility token.

How Does it work?

Risk Parity Protocol’s systematic architecture constructs risk adjusted parameters to optimize the return to risk ratio for each unit of risk.

Through prioritizing secular diversification, the risk parity rebalancing mechanism sorts smart-asset allocation by pairing countertrend assets. This allows for iso-diversification construction to occur within our index coins to minimize risk fluctuations at a fundamental level — as it can detect levels of asset behaviors. Risk Parity Protocol rethinks and restructures how we interact with risks and it outperforms the most popular financially engineered strategies.


The Formation Fi platform prioritizes accessibility in an ecosystem which currently lacks clear and intuitive user experiences. Yield farming strategies will be automatically and periodically updated across many blockchains, initially Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). Upcoming chains such as Polkadot, Cardano, Cosmos and more will be added as more DeFi assets are created within the internet of chains.

The cross-chain DeFi assets are calibrated and indexed according to their asset class and network. This allows us to apply the basic principles of the Risk Parity investment strategy.

It’s this composability (a.k.a., money lego) that will ultimately allow anyone using the Risk Parity Protocol to construct all types of cross-chain yield farming strategies, grouping them into a portfolio weighted and balanced by risk.

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Disclaimer: This event is a sponsored campaign and marketing event, with collaboration between Formation.Fi and Kickpad and is not financial advice.

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