KickPad x Crypto World — NFT MMO Game CAP Event is Live!

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We are pleased to announce our next CAP event — Crypto World. We are sensing that the Crypto NFT Gaming market is heating up, so we are happy to bring a revolutionary MMO NFT game and Marketplace to you.

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200 Winners will be selected to win $50 worth of tokens. The CAP event ends on August 8th at 2pm UTC.

A 3D, super HD, Open-world, Sandbox MMO with a first-of-a-kind 3D immersive NFT marketplace. Yes that sounds like a lot to handle. But in this article we hope to break it down.

As far as CAP events go, this is one that we are very excited about. Check out the trailer:

Trailer Link:

Crypto World brings 2 immense technical pieces to the blockchain world:

  1. A stunning HD, Open-world, MMO, NFT Sandbox game with blockchain connectivity
  2. A revolutionary NFT Market system, with 3D ingame NFT storefronts that players and project teams can customize for their NFT sales

What is Crypto World?

Gameplay screenshot of the Crypto World in game universe

Crypto World is the first 3D Social Sandbox MMO Blockchain Game and NFT marketplace. It is truly immersive, virtual, and social.

Explore the Ultra HD 3D Crypto World universe, and explore NFTs in the 3d Crypto World Mall. Go on adventures, create factions, browse stores, meet friends, play games and hang out at the first 3D crypto sandbox MMO and Marketplace.

Another in game screenshot with 2 players roaming around

The setting is a futuristic, cyberpunk world where your character can roam freely around and make his or her own adventures. Make factions with other players, purchase or sell NFT items, become a real estate master, or engage in some of the “darker” aspects of the world. Anything is possible in Crypto World.

  • Explore the cyberpunk streets of Crypto World, in stunning HD 3D.
  • Create a character, make friends, and make a name for yourself.
  • Use in-game NFT items to really make your character stand out.
  • In-game real estate available for purchase and customization
  • Free-roam, open-world sandbox game. The adventure is up to you.
  • Live life in the Crypto World… because real life is boring.

And yes, the Crypto World “WRLD” token is used for all in-game transactions. From vendors, to item purchases, to real estate, the WRLD token is used.

What is the Crypto World NFT Marketplace and Mall?

One of the coolest and most impressive things about Crypto World is the new take on NFT Marketplaces. While current NFT sales websites are boring, 2d, and resemble an online shopping website, Crypto World has totally re-imagined this.

The Crypto World Mall is an immersive, 3D area where players can browse and sell NFTs in a virtual world. Think of this as a virtual mall where NFTs are visible, 3-dimentional, and storefronts are customizable.

Note the custom made “Mist” storefront in this screenshot below. This is one example of a custom in-game NFT storefront that players (or project teams) can set up and explore.

In-game footage of a NFT storefront in Crypto World.

NFTs sales in Crypto World are conduced in game, in 3D, and in actual stores within the CW universe. That’s right. Each NFT store (whether it is another project that wants to open a store, or a player in-game who buys the storefront) can be customized to display and sell NFTs.

All transactions happen smoothly via a MetaMask connection ingame, so once you log into the game, you can shop around all the NFT stores and purchase/sell directly in-game.

Custom NFT Stores — How Does it Work?

Let’s say you want to set up your own 3d, immersive NFT Store. You can buy or rent your own store and showcase your NFTs for sale.

This feature is available to players in-game, or to project teams or individuals who would like to list their NFTs for sale to the Crypto World audience. And stores can be customized with logos, colors, designs, atmospheres, and more.

You simply need to pick the area that you want your store to be in and contact the Crypto World team. They will assist you in setting your store up for display.

Even if you are not a “project owner”, you can create your own NFT showroom to display your own cool NFTs and market them for sale. For example, if you are an avid NFT collector you can still get in touch with the CW Team to set up a custom NFT store in-game.

Store owners also get a cool bonus: Exclusive stores can get their NFTs displayed in Augmented reality.

How to Play

The 1st item to go live (the Crypto World Mall) will be easily accessible via Browser. Just connect MetaMask and you are ready to enter the Crypto World Mall. Your Character will be created automatically.

Once you are in the mall you can browse different stores, interact with other users, showcase your NFTs and even mint your own unique NFTs at the Posterman!

The Social Sandbox MMO game will be downloadable on PC and Mac.

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Disclaimer: This event is a sponsored campaign and marketing event, with collaboration between Crypto World and KickPad and is not financial advice.

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