KickPad x Cannumo — a Community Airdrop Program (CAP) Event!

We are happy to announce that Cannumo will be joining us for a CAP event.

KickPad stakers, whitelist participants, and community contribution event winners will all be eligible to receive the token airdrop. Read more about Cannumo below.

Whitelist Link:

CAP Event Airdrop Date: June 24, 2pm UTC
Snapshots Taken: 24 hours before CAP event
Read Details about the CAP system here.

What is Cannumo?

Cannumo emerges as a solution for people to participate in an ever growing cannabis industry. Thus, it consists of a three-pronged approach towards the necessity in occupying a fair share of a cannabis market and distributing said share to its customer base.

This approach includes 3 applications designed to offer and enroll CBD (cannabidiol) products, produced by Cannumo itself, into the market. Cannumo owns a set of state of the art growing containers, based in Switzerland, which will yield four harvests every single year.


Contrarily, Cannumo Wallet lets you sell CBD products in a more lenient way. You may employ our CANU token, which will help you avoid big commission rates, and herein the fees shall be maintained at their lowest in the e-commerce market. Therefore, the Wallet application offers a payment gateway solution for everyone in a growing cannabis industry.

Cannumo NFTs

Everyone participating in Cannumo blockchain is more than welcome to design, mint and own their own NFT.

Other Cannumo Features

Any person who’s interested in the potential of investing into cannabis growing, may partake in the Cannumo Growfunding. Growfunding is a type of crowdfunding, where anyone with basic knowledge can invest in the process of growing cannabis in Switzerland, and depending on the results of current cannabis yield, gain a corresponding interest rate.

This approach bypasses the necessity of big venture capital businesses as well as various rich entities. Anyone with any amount of wealth can become an investor, and the security of every investment is protected by Cannumo team’s experience and its major partners’ robust reputations. That’s why only thoroughly analysed and verified projects shall be presented on the platform.


This approach is designed for those who opt to become merchants of cannabis products produced by Cannumo. Without any requirements for sophisticated equipment, anyone can become a CBD product seller. By acquiring Cannumo’s white-label products, a future merchant installs our plugin into an e-commerce website of his choice, selects his favourite CBD strain, and selects a specific CBD product.

Once the desired amount of product is designated, the process from packaging to shipping, as well as regulation and licensing is entirely done by Cannumo’s team. The only obstacle for a would-be-merchant left is to visualize the value, adopt the strategy for labelling your brand, and finally commence the sales.

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Disclaimer: This event is a sponsored campaign and marketing event, with collaboration between Cannumo and Kickpad and is not financial advice.