KickPad — The first Community Airdrop Platform (CAP), Cross-chain, Airdrops, and More


  • No longer only a simple IDO Platform — but the first MAP (Marketing Amplification Platform)
  • KickPad is now cross-chain and supports projects on multiple blockchains, including MATIC (Polygon), BSC, and Ethereum
  • KickPad will now offer services to projects that are already live and trading in circulation, as well as pre-launch tokens
  • Users will now have access to projects on multiple chains
  • Users will have access to projects that are already live, as well as the normal pre-launch projects
  • There will no longer be “IDO sales”, but something a bit different
  • Instead, qualified users will receive airdropped tokens, at no cost
  • These changes have benefits for project teams as well as users



New Features

  1. Multi-Chain — Polygon (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum


Benefits to users

  • Access to projects on multiple chains (including Polygon MATIC, BSC, ETH)
  • Access to projects that are already live (a large portion of the market), meaning potentially more projects airdropping tokens
  • No need to deal with confusing UIs, price calculations, etc
  • Easy airdrop system, airdrops directly to wallets on multiple blockchains

Benefits to Project Teams

  • Obtain the same great marketing support, community building, and more
  • Way less sell pressure on launch (don’t need hundreds of thousands of $ worth of unlocked tokens)
  • Lower market cap at launch due to fewer unlocked tokens
  • Can give those tokens to strategic partners, seed rounds, etc. for better value
  • Projects that are currently in circulation can benefit from our marketing services and get marketing blitz support

Appendix — an Analysis of Current IDO Weaknesses

  1. IDO platforms are currently ONLY for unlaunched projects — not already launched tokens. Very little marketing support available.