KickPad — LAUNCH: Whitelist & Public Sale Information

On March 25th 6 PM UTC we announce the 350 whitelist winners.

The KickPad team is excited to announce our utility token’s launch on our very own IDO platform on March 26th — 2 PM UTC. Congratulations to the winners of the whitelist — those who won will get early access to purchase the KickPad token. After the whitelist sale is done, we will sell another portion of tokens, open to the public (accessible to anyone).

Friendly Warning:


🚨We have also received multiple reports of fake KickPad socials being created by scammers. For your own safety, remember to carefully check that you are in the OFFICIAL Telegram groups:🚨

Our official community group:

Our official announcement group:

Claiming Whitelist Tokens

We have 300 whitelist winners through a lottery process. Out of 1,009,541 total entries, these 300 were randomly chosen by lottery. Another 50 whitelist winners got their spot through community contribution to the KickPad project.

If you are one of these lucky 350 people, your address will be whitelisted, and you can freely access the sale through our website and buy $200 worth of KickPad tokens at $0.040 per token at the launch date.

-We announce the winners on March 25th 6 PM UTC.

-Winners of the whitelist will receive an email and a TG message informing them that their address is whitelisted.

-We also announce the whitelisted addresses publicly(only the addresses, no other personal information is shared).

IDO information:

After completing the whitelist sale, we will sell additional tokens to the general public. Both of these sales will be on

The whole process is as follows:

1. Whitelist Sale for the 350 event and community contribution winners.

2. Public Sale of an additional $5000 worth of KPAD tokens. (If anyone from the whitelist sale does not buy, KickPad will automatically add this amount to be buyable on the Public Sale).

3. Token is listed on Pancakeswap.

-The whitelist- and public sale will be conducted on the KickPad platform. After this, there will be a ‘free-for-all’ sale with the remaining tokens.

-When the Public Sale is finished, tokens can be bought at PancakeSwap.

-Time of Whitelist sale: 26th of March, 2 PM UTC.

-Initial Market Cap: $611k

-Max Supply: 203,768,315

-Initial Circulating Supply: 15,290,242

-Token price: 0.040$

-Total Raise: 75k$

-No vesting period for whitelist- and public sale participants, 100% released at listing

-350 whitelist participants

-$200 in BNB per wallet for whitelisted participants

-$100 in BNB per wallet for public sale participants

KickPad IDO Guide:

1. As you arrive at the website, double-check that the URL is correct:

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the website.

3. Scroll down to the “Ongoing Pools” section. The KickPad whitelist sale will appear here.

Whitelisted wallets will be able to join the whitelist sale. When the public sale opens, there will be a free-for-all where anyone can try to buy the remaining $5000 worth of KickPad tokens.

After a short delay of up to 1 hour, the token will be freely available on the PancakeSwap exchange.

Are you still uncertain of how you use the KickPad/Dex? Curious how you can buy KickPad on PancakeSwap? Check out our tutorial here:

Timetable for the 26th of March:

(Keep in mind, the timetable is subject to change. The token might list earlier depending on how long the whitelist and public sale last.)

-1:30 PM UTC: We mute the Telegram server to avoid the unnecessary risk of scams and spam.

-2 PM UTC: The Whitelist sale begins.

-2:30 PM UTC: The Public sale of $5000 tokens begins.

-3 PM UTC: KickPad tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap. We will share the official $KPAD token address on our official Telegram channel and Medium.

Learn More About KickPAD

Disclaimer: the sale of this membership token is not open for citizens or residents of the United States, Canada, European Union, UK, Hong Kong, or China.

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