Community Airdrop Program (CAP) Overview

The KickPad Community Airdrop Program (CAP) is going live, and with that we are happy to provide the overview of the program, and how it will work.

The CAP events will allow our community members to participate in new or already-live projects by receiving free airdrops from our partner projects. Imagine these CAP events as IDO sales with the same build-up, hype and everything. The only difference is that the event culminates in a Community Airdrop event instead of a sale.

There will be multiple ways to receive airdrop rewards, and there will be 3 tiers of winners.

The CAP events show a new direction in which KickPad is heading, one that puts community engagement above everything else.

What are the Tiers and how much percentage of airdrop each tier gets?

There are 3 different tiers, each get a different allocation percentage of the total airdrop. Please refer to the table below:


1. Diamond Tier: Stakers staking 2,500+ KPAD tokens (Randomly Selected), 80% of tokens

The Diamond Tier will be selected from all users staking 2,500+ KPAD in the staking contract on the KickPad website. Winners will randomly be selected from the staking contract, and will be added to the winners list for airdrops.

For each 2,500 KPAD you have staked, you will earn 1 entry into the lottery. So, if you have 25,000 KPAD staked you will earn 10 entries. This means that staking more tokens will lead to higher chance of winning airdrops. Wallets can win multiple times.

This random selection will be done via a bot that scrapes the blockchain and randomly selects wallets staking in the staking contract.

2. Gold Tier: Whitelist Rounds, 15% of tokens

We want our community to learn about each project that comes to the KickPad. We want our community to engage with the projects, read information about them, and engage with their community. We think it is a beautiful thing, and it allows everyone to get great info and insight on the projects. It’s half the fun of crypto.

As a result, we will continue to offer whitelist events for each and every project that comes to the KickPad. Winners of these whitelist events will also receive airdrops of the token.

3. Silver Tier: Community voting for Community engagement winners, 5% of tokens

The community contribution event has largely been centralized so far. Community contributions and winners will also be added to the winners list for the projects.


Community Benefit

· Access to projects on multiple chains (Polygon MATIC, BSC, ETH)

· Access to projects that are already live (a large portion of the market), meaning potentially more projects airdropping tokens

· No need to purchase tokens

· Easy airdrop system, airdrops directly to wallets on multiple blockchains

Project Team Benefit

· Obtain the same great marketing support, community building, and more

· Way less sell pressure on launch (don’t need hundreds of thousands of $ worth of unlocked tokens)

· Lower market cap at launch due to fewer unlocked tokens

· Can give those tokens to strategic partners, seed rounds, etc. for better value

· Projects that are currently in circulation can benefit from our marketing services and get marketing blitz support

How will I receive my winning tokens? Is there anything I need to do?

Tokens will be airdropped to the winning wallets. So you will just see them enter your wallet automatically after the CAP event. There is nothing you need to do for Diamond or Gold rounds.

For Silver and Bronze round winners, you will be asked to give your wallet address, and tokens will be sent there.

Since airdrop system is lottery based, is there a way I can increase my chances of winning an airdrop?

Yes. All you need to do is stake more tokens. 2500 KPAD staked represents a single (1) entry. Staking 25,000 KPAD will give you ten (10) entries which means you get 10x chances of winning.

Diamond round wallets can also win multiple times.

Will there be any difference in the number of tokens airdropped to those people that staked 2,500 KPAD vs 5,000 or more KPAD?

No. The number of tokens airdropped to the selected wallet addresses for Diamond Rounds will be the same across the board. Same thing applies to the other tiers. However, one wallet address can win multiple airdrops in a single airdrop event if and only if they have staked multiple entries (5,000 KPAD or more).

If 2,500 KPAD stakers can win the same allocation with 100,000 KPAD stakers, does it mean it is pointless to stake more?

That is not true at all. 100K stakers gets 40 entries which means 40x chances of winning. In addition to that, each entry selected from the same wallet address is guaranteed an airdrop. That’s right, wallet addresses that are staking at least 5,000 or more KPAD can win multiple airdrops in a single event up to a maximum amount of entries each wallet have staked.

How many lucky winners will be selected for each Tier?

This will depend based on how many tokens the project partners will offer for airdrop.

How will I know if I have won?

Winners will be announced on &

You will just need to check if your wallet address is in the list.

Is it ok if I use the same wallet address I used for staking, when filling the gleam whitelist form?

You no longer need to use a different wallet for CAP process. Same wallet can win multiple rounds.

How to stake KPAD?

Go to kickPad website to stake $KPAD.

Learn More: V2 Staking is Live — How to Migrate to V2 Staking | by KickPad | Apr, 2021 | Medium

How to fill out the Gleam Whitelist Form?

· Navigate to Gleam Whitelist form

· Bottom of the webpage, select one of the social media, I.e., Twitter to log In.

· Complete all the steps, more you complete, more entries you will get to win

· Logout!

· Sit back and wait for the whitelist result. Good Luck

Whitelist Error message “throwaway account”?

Just add a profile picture to your twitter account, that will solve the issue

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