KickPad is proud to announce a strategic partnership with InvestDex, the first crypto workstation with a focus on the DeFi space. With InvestDex, you can visualise, manage and organise crypto transactions, charts, and more.

The partnership will entail strategic marketing efforts between the two projects, including cross-platform collaboration.

InvestDex Overview

InvestDex allows…

Kickpad is proud to announce an IDO with StartFi for an upcoming IDO. The IDO will be on May 31 at 2pm UTC.

StartFi is founded by a team with a wide array of experiences in government services, e-commerce, digital content, marketing, front-end/back-end web-based technologies and blockchain projects.

What is StartFi?

StartFi is…

KickPad is proud to announce that CROP Finance will be joining us for an upcoming IDO. The IDO will take place on May 25th at 2pm UTC.

CROP Finance significantly simplifies access to DeFi with their automated cross-chain yield farming platform. All functionable in the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and Ethereum’s…


BSC Trustless Presales and Auto Liquidity Locking. Welcome to the future. /

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